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I primarily set up this site to pass on my low calorie recipes to like-minded diet victims but I also want to share something important I’ve learned about weight loss – you need some diet buddies. By this I mean there are a number of things that are really helping me through the process on the food front – be they ingredients, gadgets or products, and so from time to time I’m going to blog about them. I should make it clear that in the case of commercial brands, I have absolutely no connection to them – I’m simply a guy on a diet, who likes nice things….

Rossisky Sourdough Rye Bread

Rossisky Actually I’ve been eating Rossisky for about 10 years now – and not for any health or diet reason, just because my wife got me eating it and I absolutely love the stuff. Yes you buy it from the health food store, and yes, you probably have to pass the mung bean section to get to it, so I know what you’re thinking – I’ll stick with the 50/50 bread, thanks very much. But you’d be wholly mistaken – this stuff’s a revelation.

Now apparently you can it eat as it comes, but I always toast it, ¼ inch thick (not too thin please) until it’s good and brown and crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy inside. It’s great for breakfast – it will even stand up to scrambled egg on top whilst maintaining its crunch. Or just drizzle it with olive oil. Or rub it with garlic. Or spread it generously with Marmite. Or carelessly shove big slabs of pâté or rillettes on it, topped-off with a sliced up cornichon….

But the thing is, for the reluctant dieter, Rossisky really comes into its own. Being wheat-free and made from Rye, it has a low GI – which basically means it releases its energy slowly and will keep you going longer than ordinary bread. Perhaps more importantly, substituted for that one measly piece of toast you’re allowed, you get so much more bang for your buck – I’m talking taste – and crunch – and fillingness, if that’s a word. As it’s quite a compact loaf, you need to be slightly careful how much you eat – I always cut myself a 65g portion, which is about 120 calories.

If you’re too embarrassed to go into health shops, you can get it from Waitrose in the UK (which I regularly raid, to fill my freezer), and the manufacturers also sell it online at their website, here.

Seriously, folks – much as I love a piece of white toast smothered in marmalade, this stuff is bloody marvellous – a true diet bread

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