This Blog Could Save Your Bacon!

Weight Watchers BaconIt’s hard enough dieting, without people blatantly taking the p**s.  For every diet buddy, there’s a diet devil – so let’s name and shame ‘em….starting with Weight Watchers, and their “delicious…extra trimmed” bacon (from Asda and Morrisons in the UK).

Yes bacon. A thing so utterly marvelous it’s famously responsible for bringing vegetarians back to their meat-eating senses. We all know someone like that, don’t we – and indeed I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love bacon. But like cheese, it’s a definite no-no if you’re on a diet.  No question about it – too much fat, as simple as that. I haven’t eaten either since I started losing weight.

Weight Watchers Bacon
Now,  I’ve been impressed with several low fat sausages and even black pudding, so imagine my delight in coming across this packet of low calorie bacon. How could they do it at 35 calories per slice? – I mean, that’s a no-brainer for sure….

But open the packet and this is what you find

Weight watchers bacon
Yes that’s right – the pieces are exactly 50% of what you’re led to believe they are. No wonder they’re so calorie-efficient.  It’s a bit like Nimble bread in the 1970’s – which promised “real bread – but lighter”. And it was exactly that – on account of being half the size of an ordinary loaf…

Guys – these people must not be allowed to get away with their poisonous attempts to derail our diets.  Here’s my tip – griddle a bit of ham. You’ll definitely have a bigger portion than the pathetic water-bolstered piece of tasteless dry bacon you’re forcing down here. Better still – catch my forthcoming blog – a delicious low calorie, low fat cooked breakfast you could eat every day if you wanted to.

2 thoughts on “This Blog Could Save Your Bacon!

  1. Although the way the product is packaged is misleading, it does state 8 rashers. And to have 2 rashers grilled on 2 (Tesco value) crumpets coming in at 220calories (maybe served with a grilled tomato) what a treat of a breakfast!

    • Well, each to his own I guess! For me, that’s not going to be a particularly sustaining breakfast.. I’ve been meaning to post a decent 300 calorie cooked breakfast for a while – and I will do so now….

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